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About us
What is is a Western-run China-based full logistics service - we provide a complete factory-to-customer logistics solution to help you deliver quickly and smoothly to your end customers. We help you organise your products in China and ship directly to your customers wherever they are in the world.
Where we are based?
Our HQ is in Shenzhen, China - a short journey from Hong Kong. We also have a warehouse in Dongguan, close to Shenzhen, and partner warehouses in the US, France, UK, Australia, Canada.
Where is your warehouse?
We have a small office / warehouse in Bantian district where we do quality control and pick and pack (P&P) for new customers / complicated products. We also have a P&P warehouse in Dongguan for our established customers. You're welcome to visit our warehouse in Shenzhen if you're ever in town!
Do you have a warehouse in Europe?
We have partner warehouses in the UK and mainland EU and can allocate stock to these warehouses, with local postal shipping from those warehouses.
How many orders do we process per day?
It depends a little on the season but we average about 70,000 products per month or around 2-3k per day.
How many customers do you have?
About 25 at the moment, with a mixture of really small customers (50-200 orders per month) to a few ecomm monsters (50k+ per month).
What type of customers do you work with?
We work with a range of customers, from small startups and crowdfunding campaigns to a few ecommerce giants!
Do you own shipping infrastructure?
Other than our warehouses, we don't have our own infrastructure We work directly with the world's largest shipping companies and shop around to make sure you get the best deal possible.
What is our biggest advantage?
Online system: All your orders, products and billing can be managed seamlessly online via our online order system. Communication: We are western-owned and run, and therefore have a higher focus on customer communication / satisfaction than many of our Chinese competitors. Pricing: Our pricing is very competitive and we can match price quotes from other suppliers in China. Customer Service: We offer optional direct customer service for your end-customers. Our native English-speaking customer service team can help solve end-stage delivery queries and headaches, saving your customer service team from a lot of emails! Ecommerce Background: Unlike the majority of shipping suppliers in China, we're fully-focused on ecommerce. We have a background in ecommerce selling, so we understand the requirements, issues and challenges faced by ecommerce sellers. All-in-one solution: We offer storage, piece-by-piece quality control and shipping - as you expand and scale your business it will make things much easier if you have reliable on-the-ground support to manage all of your logistics processes here - hopefully we can be that reliable partner!
Shipments + Channels
Which countries do you ship to?
We ship to (almost) all countries worldwide.
What kinds of shipping channels do you provide?
Our channels are split into: Courier, Local Postal, Direct Postal and bulk.
What are Courier Channels?
Courier shipments are delivered door-to-door, generally by large companies like DHL, UPS, Fedex. The shipping is very quick (usually 2-5 days) but is a little costly.
What are Postal Channels?
Postal shipments mean that we ship via Air freight in bulk to the destination country, then use local post for the last part of the delivery. The shipments are trackable throughout the whole process.
What sort of delivery times can I expect?
These depend on the channels you select. We offer a range of different options depending on the requirements of our clients and the speed of these vary a lot. We generally discuss these requirements in advance then make recommendations based on a product + country basis.
Can you ship batteries?
Many of our channels can accept batteries but not all. We can help you to select appropriate channels for your products contain batteries. Feel free to contact us at the Contact page!
Can you ship liquids?
If your product contains liquids, gels or pastes, we will be slightly more limited in the channels we can use. We can help you to select appropriate channels for your products contain liquids. Feel free to contact us at the Contact page!
Tax Pre Paid (DDP)
Do you offer tax-prepaid (DDP) channels?
Yes, we do. DDP can be applied to most of our channels (postal and courier).
What is DDP?
DDP means that the taxes are pre-paid - you are essentially paying the tax in advance on behalf of the receiver so that they do not have to take care of any payments or deal with customs etc. For more detail information, please check the Download page to get the Channel Explanations.
Which countries are suitable for DDP and which are not?
In general, DDP can be applied to most of our channels (postal and courier) which means we can provide DDP services for most countries. We recommend using DDP in the EU and Canada.
Should I use DDP?
DDP is most suitable for high value products or if customer experience is your top priority - it minimises the risk of products getting seized at customs or customers having to deal with their local tax authorities.
Does DDP cost?
DDP channels usually charge an extra fee, typically based on a percentage of your products FOB value. This percentage is usually 20% but varies from channel to channel. You are free to choose the FOB value of your goods but bear in mind that heavily under-declared products could be questioned by local customs
Does the USA require DDP?
Duties in the US start from over $500 depending on the product category so in general we don't recommend DDP. If you sent a large shipment to the US, you might need to pay duties, in which case you might want to consider DDP.
How do you charge for shipping?
We charge a freight fee plus a flat fee for pick+pack per shipment. The freight charges vary from country to country and channel to channel - please check our pricing page to get a freight quote.
Do you charge storage and warehousing fees?
Yes, we do but our storage rates and warehouse entry fees are very reasonable. Please check the pricing page for a full summary.
Do you charge a deposit?
We require an initial deposit before we start shipping. This Deposit will be counted as the basis of the your account balance - future charges will be deducted from this balance.
When is your billing Time?
We invoice monthly, generally on the 5th of each month.
Where can I see your full pricing?
Please check our pricing page or contact us.
Getting Started
How do we get started?
We have a pretty straightforward on-boarding process for new clients: 1. Review and sign our client agreement and send us a copy of your business licence. 2. Transfer initial account balance / deposit 3. Register and setup your account on our online portal 4. Prepare and send your first products to our warehouse 5. Create shipments! We will also provide guides and some documents to help you navigate our on-boarding process.
Do we have an ERP for order management?
We have an online order management system that allows you to create and monitor your orders, and keep up-to-date with your stock levels. If you want a demo login, please check the Portal page of our website
How do we create orders?
For your crowdfunding campaigns, you would just need to send us your order data (from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Backerkit etc) in advance and we'll help you format correctly and import into our system. For day-to-day orders, you can either have your orders sync to our system automatically if you're using a supported platform (see API connections) or you can provide us with a CSV (Excel) file to us with your order and we'll help you upload to our system. You can view, edit and add orders in our system directly as well.
Do you have API connections?
We have API integrations for some order platforms (Woocommerce, Indiegogo Indemand, Amazon, Ebay) and we're currently adding new integrations for other platforms. If you're using one of those platforms, your order will be automatically synced to our system (and tracking numbers will be returned back to your system when ready).

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