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Third Party Logistics

We provide full end-to-end ecommerce fulfilment for a wide range of customers – from startups and crowdfunding campaigns, through to established ecommerce websites and large volume subscription sellers.

Our logistics services include: storage and warehousing, kitting / assembly / labeling, B2C ecommerce fulfillment and B2B freight forwarding, worldwide returns and disposals.

Online Management

Keep track of your shipments at every step of the way with our online client portal. Our unique system provides you with all details of your shipments including pricing, delivery statuses, shipping issues, as well as providing information and updates to your end customers.

Shipping Support

We’re the only fulfilment company that offers door-to-door support for your end-customers. Reduce your company’s workload by letting us handle all shipping issues – from pre-shipment queries and data collection to tracking numbers and delivery issues management.

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Who we work with

We’re 100% focused on e-commerce. We understand the requirements of e-commerce businesses and we know how to give both you and your customers the smoothest e-commerce shipping experience possible.

We work with e-commerce companies of all sizes, including subscription model companies, crowdfunding campaigns, Amazon sellers and global e-commerce brands.

Where we ship

E-commerce is global and your business should be too. We ship to over 150 countries, all from our base in Shenzhen, China.

Why ship from China? With many e-commerce companies manufacturing their goods in China, and a rapidly developing logistics industry, we’ve chosen to base ourselves at the heart of the action.

Being close to your manufacturing partners allows us to easily receive, check and store your products, without the need to go through any export / import processes. There are also large price advantages to being in China, both at the storage level and the shipment level, which we pass on to our clients.

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